Tips for planning your pool fence

10 May 2017

A swimming pool fence is a necessity in all family homes.

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Different types of gates and latches in pool fencing

10 May 2017

Depending on which type of fence you prefer, there are different types of gates and latches associated with each.

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Safety standards for Australian Swimming Pools

15 Feb 2017

The AS 1926.1-2012 Australian Standard: Swimming pool safety is the most recent update to home pool regulations, which is what we abide by at Pool Glass Fenc

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How to clean glass pool fences and balustrades

28 Jan 2017

It’s extremely easy to maintain and clean glass fences without having to spend too much time, effort and money.

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Installing a glass pool fence - why the quality of installation is imperative

7 Jan 2017

A lot of companies that mass-produce their services also tend to provide Do-It-Yourself (or commonly referred to as DIY) Glass Fencing.

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Making a choice between semi-frameless and frameless glass fences for your pool designs

28 Dec 2016

Homeowners buy glass fences to provide all their typical benefits – safety, security, and a clear view to be able to see the kids.

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5 things to know before you install a pool fence

7 Dec 2016

In order to get the best quality results for your pool fence, you should consult us at Pool Glass Fencing before installation.

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Pool fencing regulation in Western Australia

28 Nov 2016

It was reported last year that one third of backyard swimming pools across WA failed to meet safety standards.

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Design considerations when buying a balustrade

7 Nov 2016

If you are renovating an area of the house or starting from scratch, there are several design tips to consider when buying a balustrade:

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